Water Testing Consulting

MJM Water Testing Consulting provides chemical analyses of wastewater and storm water for compliance with many standards and permits. Our experienced team provides specialized soil testing for contaminant identification, bio-remediation support, toxicity assessments, and general agronomic studies. In addition, Aquatic Consulting & Testing, Inc. provides testing to identify surface water contaminants.

We bring to our clients all of the systems, tools, knowledge and experience required to inspect systems, analyze failures and make technically-sound, forward-looking recommendations. In addition to our own expert staff, we use the services of independent laboratories to provide reliable, unbiased data.

Failure Analysis

  • Inspections of failed equipment
  • Destructive examination of specimens
  • Water and deposit sample analyses
  • Analysis and interpretation of log data
  • Fiberoptic and ultrasonic inspections
  • Root cause analyses
  • Forward-looking recommendations

Supplying & Installing RO Plants All over the TAMILNADU

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